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Two decades of global excellence in delivering adsorption media and air filtration solutions.
Air contamination is a major form of environmental pollution. It has severe repercussions like allergies, lung disorders and even death. Moreover, it distorts the delicate balance of the ecosystem causing further damage to organisms and plants. These contaminants also degrade industrial equipment over time and thus reduce their working efficiency and life span. This is why they must be kept in check.

At Suracsh, we provide cutting-edge air filtration solutions to purify the atmosphere in a polluted environment.

Our prowess in designing and manufacturing air purification devices and adsorption media comes from two decades of experience. Our product portfolio consists of a wide variety of impregnated and non-impregnated carbon media in granular and extruded forms as well as activated carbon spheres, tailor-made for specific air treatment applications.

We commit to maintaining a pure and safe environment through quality engineering and intuitive design.

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Envisaging a universe of ever-dynamic protection

SURACSH holds core value in providing world class qualitative, effective and sustainable protective solutions for efficient toxic air purification. We are committed to constantly innovate and adapt to be relevant and significant in all the sectors we operate.


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We have collaborated with various MNCs and national organizations to equip them with specialized air filtration and CBRN solutions to meet their needs.
As a company backed with more than 20 years of expertise in developing speciality activated carbon filter media and having a full-fledged state of the art R&D, SURACSH has grown as the largest supplier of NBC filter media, filter systems and Activated Carbon Sphere (ACS) for Indian defense forces.

Some of our notable associations have been with the DRDO for the Indian Navy in regenerating used Carbon Monoxide filters for submarines, developing a commercial adsorption media for NBC filter fabric utilizing activated carbon spheres and with the ISRO to develop a filter media for the crew cabin module of the human spaceflight program – GAGANYAAN. These prestigious collaborations opened doors to working on numerous air filtration and NBC design projects with other national and international organizations both in the defence and corporate sectors.


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