Military Protection

Military Protection

Your first line of defence.

The world is changing rapidly. Various terrorist attacks and military conflicts in the past have highlighted the importance of armed or emergency response procedures for dealing with these events involving chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear (CBRN) agents.
Activated carbon and its forms have been instrumental in protecting military personnel from such external attacks. At SURACSH FILTERS PVT. LTD military-grade activated carbons are manufactured to high standards. Our dedicated research and development team has developed air purification technology designed to protect soldiers from adverse warfare agents. This includes NBC/CBRN filters, NBC suits, Filtration units etc which play a vital part in different defence applications like war tanks, shelter houses, bunkers, launcher trucks, etc
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Air Cleaning Filters
Air Cleaning Filter

SURACSH filtration systems and filter media focus on protecting soldiers from adverse warfare agents. Air cleaning filters for submarines & naval ships and air purifications services utilizing activated carbon are offered. Air cleaning filters filter pollutants or contaminants passing through them, removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours and other gaseous pollutants. This makes it distinct from HEPA air filters. Room air filters and ventilation systems remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from household products. Odours in the air like the smell of tobacco smoke are also eliminated. Gases like benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorinated compounds etc. are removed by carbon filters.

CF Filters
CFS Filters
CFV Filters
CFC Filters
CFP Filters
CFK Filters
CO2 Removal
CO2 Removal

SURSORB PAL is an activated carbon-based palladium impregnated catalyst specially designed for removing carbon monoxide (CO) gas. It is effective for reactive removal of CO gas in enclosed spaces/compartments, coal mines, fire accidents and for protection under ambient air conditions.

SURSORB PACO-2 is an alkali impregnated adsorbent. It has been an attractive choice for space flight due to its high capacity for carbon dioxide capture (CO2). Rebreather-type personal protective equipment requires efficient removal of CO2 from the air that the user exhales. The required operating conditions of low CO2 partial pressure, low temperature, and water saturation create a challenging environment for developing high-capacity CO2 adsorbents.

NBC Suits
NBC Suits

NBC clothing is chemical protective clothing that effectively protects the military and personnel from chemical warfare agents. NBC suits are designed to protect against direct contact with and contamination by radioactive, biological or chemical substances, and protect from contamination with radioactive materials. They are generally designed to be worn for extended periods to allow the wearer to fight while under threat of or under actual nuclear, biological, or chemical attack. The civilian equivalent is the hazmat suit. NBC clothing can protect against the most pernicious of chemical threats -nerve agents.

NBC/CBRN Filters
NBC/CBRN Filters

At SURACSH military-grade activated carbons are manufactured to high standards. Our dedicated research and development team has developed critical personal and collective protections designed to protect the soldiers from adverse warfare agents. SURACSH’s FAT series and FAS series filtration systems use impregnated activated carbon which protects against chemical, nerve and blood agents. It finds applications in war tanks, NBC shelter houses, Missile launcher trucks, NBC decontamination vehicles and NBC Mobile shelters etc.

FAS Series
FAT 200M
FAT 100M
NBC/CBRN Filtration Units
NBC/CBRN Filtration Units

The SFS-60 and SFS-120 are the NBC filtration units developed by SURACSH and these units are capable of providing 99.7% cleaner air with the use of HEPA and activated carbon filters. It is designed for use in military bunkers, bomb shelters, panic rooms and safe rooms etc.



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